Monday, April 6

I Dream about buying green

If I could afford it, every item I ate would be organic. Every fruit, vegetable, meat source, and snack consumed by my family would be free of toxins and pesticides.

But guess what? If I stopped there, I'd still be missing the mark when it comes to personal care items. Not for Buttercup, of course. But for me.

I recently got to try the lovely (and handmade) I Dream Intensity Body Wash from and realized what I've been missing. And this stuff is truly a crunchy mama's dream come true: it's completely biodegradable, contains no harsh chemicals, no synthetics, and is made from hgh quality organic, wild, or sustainably grown ingredients.

The difference between I Dream's body wash ($20 for 10 oz.) and most traditional skin care options is that "100 % natural" doesn't include any of the bad stuff like sulfates, parabens, or pesticide/herbicide residue that can be associated with other "plant-based" options. describes the scent as "warm" and "spicy." I prefer to think of it as "green" and "sassy" and a perfectly sensible indulgence to start hinting for as a mother's day present.


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