Sunday, August 2

Sustain your lifestyle with Sustain Stores

I live in the desert and am pretty far away from a lot of the conveniences I was used to in the Midwest. Since moving to Arizona, I've come to rely on a lot of Internet shopping to save on gas and time wasted driving. One of my newest and most favorite places to shop online is the super green and well-priced Sustain Stores site. Sustain is 100% committed to providing customers with well-priced, Eco-friendly options in order to live a--you guessed it!--more sustainable life.

The best part? Sustain co-creators and brothers Tim and Mark Appleberry independently verify all Eco-friendly claims for all products they sell on their site. That's commitment!

I had the opportunity to try the Evolve Roadrunner Optimized Shower Head, priced at $39.95. With four adults in my household, it's become increasingly important to me to conserve water for both environmental and budgeting reasons. This shower head is perfect for that. Not only does the Roadrunner save nearly eight gallons of water for every five minutes in the shower, estimated yearly savings top $200 on the water bill!

We've been using ours for a few months now and couldn't be happier.

Be sure to check out the Sustain Stores site for their Top Five under $25 section for wonderful ideas for you, your home, and those you love.

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