Tuesday, August 11

Homemade is perfect with Kidcards!

Since starting Berrie Sweet Picks, I've had the wonderful opportunity to come across a variety of incredible products for children. Sometimes, though, I'm just floored with the ingenuity of a particular product. There are a few stars that shine a little brighter in my opinion, and this little gem is definitely one of them.

I was recently provided with a set of KidCards, which of course, were invented by a very smart Ohio mom named Melissa Mara. So what is it (aside from super awesome?) KidCards are the very reason I'm no longer buying my Thank you cards, birthday cards, or even Christmas cards in the pharmacy Hallmark section anymore. Sure, it might take me 30 minutes to choose "just the right" card for the recipient, but anything I buy in the store is going to pale in comparison to the creative genius that Buttercup throws into coloring a card instead.

Sure, the item description says that the younger card set is recommended for ages three and up, but my two-year-old LOVES to color, and I see no problem with sitting by her and her art supplies while her face lights up at the chance to "make a pretty" for a loved one.

Recently, a friend of ours was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and my first instinct was to run out to the store and buy a "Thinking of You" card. With keys in hand, I was ready to run out the door. But then I remembered the KidCards, and turned right around and walked back into the kitchen. Buttercup had a chance to get creative, and our friend was ever-so-thankful when he called to let us know that he had received Buttercup's artwork in the mail.

It's really a great idea. For about $18, you get a spiral-bound notebook with pre-drawn greeting cards. All your little artist needs to do is grab their markers, crayons, or paint set and go to town.
What's really smart is the included envelope set, making it super easy to stick a stamp on it and throw it in the mail box!

Take a look and seriously order a set! Your kids will love it and so will each and every person you receives one of these sweet cards in the mail.

For more information visit www.kidcards.org or call the company at 216-570-5019

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