Tuesday, August 4

Pretty and natural...and good for your little girl

With all of the attention on organic foods for babies and children, sometimes I forget that what goes ON the body is just as important as what goes IN. Thanks to Sparklehearts, young girls now have a safe and pure option for skincare.

Their press release really caught my attention with the following information: "Most girls would wince in disgust if you told them their favorite body wash contained a chemical that is produced by boiling bugs (called carmine.) And, most parents would wince in disgust if you told them their daughter’s body lotion contained sulfates, phthalates and dozens of toxins and chemicals."

This is where I shuddered and said "yuck!"

Jordan, my favorite little reviewer, gave the bubble bath a try and happily called me soon after to report that it smelled good and made her skin feel soft. And most important to this six-year-old? "The bubbles last a long time!"

This is all good news, of course, but what especially impresses me is that Sparklehearts products are made from 99.6% natural ingredients and contain no harmful toxins or nasty surprise ingredients. Instead, your little girl can indulge herself as she pleases with essential oils, violet extracts, Shea butter, and other natural ingredients.

The best part, of course, is that the moms behind Sparklehearts created a product that is both natural and safe as well as prettily packaged so as to appeal to their dedicated young consumers. Who doesn't like pretty? Especially when it's natural?

Check out Sparklehearts for more information and learn how to stay away from "Skinemies!"

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