Wednesday, July 29

Want prime time summer fun? Try Prime Time toys!

Coming from Michigan, it's a whole new world here with Arizona summers. "Cool" is 90 degrees! So when I was asked to take a look at the new Prime Time Toys Water Toys, I had to say yes.

Prime Time offers four new styles for different age groups: The original Max Liquidator, the Critter Blaster, the Monster Blaster, and the Blaster Board, as well as a variety of other styles. After looking over the recommended age ranges, I decided to try out the Critter Blaster for some friends with older kids. J and G were more than happy to cool off in the name of a good product review, and their mom Jill reports that the Critter Blasters are a perfect way to burn off some energy and beat the heat!

I'm hoping Prime Time still has this one available (or even a newer version!) when Buttercup hits the recommended age of four years and up. And as a mom who wants to teach her child to respect the difference between real and pretend weapons, I'm extremely pleased that the company got creative with their product naming and avoided the word "gun" in their titles.

The Critter Blasters are nicely priced at $5.99 a piece, and come in fun designs like a dolphin or a hermit crab. I'm thinking I may order a few of these as birthday gifts for the summer parties Buttercup already has on her social calendar.

My only complaint is that in order to view the company's online catalog, you need to sign up for a password and wait 24 to 48 hours in order to get going. But a quick look on Amazon and you've got every imaginable way to help a good old-fashioned water fight get going right at your fingertips.

Wanna make a splash? Check out Prime Time Toys!

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