Friday, August 21

Stay One Step Ahead while traveling with little ones

Have I mentioned lately how much I love One Step Ahead? The catalog and web site are phenomenal for one-stop-shopping from the comfort of my home for everything imaginable!

I know it's been a while since I moved cross-country from Michigan to Arizona, but I just had to make the time to share with all of you the items One Step Ahead was kind enough to provide us with in the hopes of making Buttercup's trip a little less stressful while flying with her Grandma.

I simply adore this diaper bag. It's light, easy to use, and holds an unbelievable amount of stuff. Thanks to the asymentrical shape, my mom was able to manuever through the airport with Buttercup in one arm and the diaper bag on her other without any discomfort at all. It's designed to distribute weight across the entire back, which is genius (and comfortable!)
My mother was able to fill the diaper bag with enough diapers, changes of clothing, snacks, sippy cups, and toys to keep Buttercup entertained on the way to meet me at our new home. I'm still using the Deluxe Healthy Back Diaper Bag, and highly recommend it.

Matching colors and Texture puzzle
This one was a life-saver in the airport terminal while waiting for the connecting flight. The Matching Colors and Texture puzzle helps teach kids as young as 12 months about colors, words, textures, and problem solving skills. You get 40-pieces with one side featuring an image and the other featuring a matching color and texture. Buttercup's favorite is the shiny silver fish!
We make the most out of this award-winning toy by providing Buttercup with five pairs at a time. The rest are put away and only taken out of the box when it's time to switch things up. This way it's always new for her and I don't have to worry about leaving half of the puzzle pieces in a random airport!

This clock saved my sanity while traveling from Michigan to New Mexico and back again and got some extra use when we finally arrived in Arizona. I'm one of those people who cannot sleep unless I have some background noise, like soft music or white noise, and this alarm clock fits the bill and it seems that my daughter sleeps better when we have something playing, too.
Buttercup and I were able to sleep soundly together in our hotel room on our trips, and it took up minimal room in the carry-on.
And since she still sleeps with me, my husband loves that our little girl's soothing night time clock alo gets him out of bed and to work on time! This is definitely one item that's not going to be outgrown any time soon.
Sounds include white noice, heartbeat,. rainfall, and more. The clock comes with an AC adapter and also runs on four AA batteries.

Baby B'air
Safety is just as important in the air as it is on the ground. And I will never understand why it's acceptable to travel with an unsecured child in your lap while in a plane.
We experienced turbulance more than once on the many flights we have taken in the past six months, and I've always been grateful that Buttercup was safe and secure in my arms with the Baby B'Air.
This incredible product exceeds FAA standards and is approved for the cruising portion of your flight when turbulance is most likely to occur. Just make sure to order ahead of time so you have it ready in the diaper bag before you leave for your own trip!

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