Friday, August 28

Need a time out from time outs? Try this!

You know I live me some boon inc., so it goes without saying I heart the Time out Pad from Keen Distribution.

I never imagined myself the Time Out type, but they work wonders for curbing Buttercup's bad behavior. All I do is pop her little butt on the Time Out Pad, set the timer, and walk away. The smart little pressure pad sets off an alarm if she gets up before she's supposed to, and rewards her with a happy little jingle when she waits out her whole Time Out.

I use the "one minute per child's age" rule, so Buttercup gets two minutes on the pad, and I get two minutes to have a shouting match in my head. When it's all over, we hug, she apologizes, and I'm ready to do the Mommy-thing again.


Kristie said...

These sound great! I have one little one who doesn't think she needs to stay in time outs and we're always struggling-I think something like this would definitely help :-)

pauline said...

This is really a good product. The timer tells my daughter when she can get up and she listens for that rather than fighting me. good luck!