Wednesday, August 20

Keep your baby cool

Sure, summer is fading fast, but I know that not everyone lives in the Midwest. Year-round heat is a reality for many, and with it comes the associated dangers of too hot car seats for our little ones.

One option is to wait after turning on the air-conditioning until the interior of the car and your child’s car seat cools down, but it isn’t always practical. And what if you don’t own a vehicle with a working air conditioner? I know what that’s like! It takes forever for the interior of the car to get to a comfortable temperature when you can only rely on rolling down the windows.

Remember how hot the metal clips on your seat belt can get? Well, just imagine what those metal clips on the car seat straps might feel like!

One great “Why didn’t I think of that” product geared for just this purpose is the BabyBeeCool Car Seat Cooler Pad. Invented by a mom concerned about the 185-degree-plus interior car temperatures in Arizona, this product is a great idea for those living in warmer climates, or even for those of us living in the Midwest during the hot summer months.

The BabyBeeCool Car Seat Cooler Pad allows you to insert frozen ice packs into the pad and place on top of the car seat when exiting the vehicle, providing a welcome 10 hours of protection from the sun. I've tried it and I can vouch that I no loner worry about Buttercup getting into a too-hot car seat.

The BabyBeeCool Car Seat Cooler Pad can also be placed in your child’s stroller while driving to your destination and then transferred to the car seat upon your arrival. And to make sure you are prepared for the next outing, simply remove the ice packs and refreeze when you get home. You can also use it as a makeshift cooler of sorts for your baby’s food and drink items. The straps on the foldable pad make it easy to slip over your shoulder and transport.

You can buy it here for $49.99.

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Cuddle Cottage said...

Oh wow, this a fabulous idea! I've been waiting for someone to come up with a solution to the boiling hot car seat problem!