Friday, August 15

From baby food to algebra

Baby stuff is cute, but when you consider how much of it only lasts a few months the costs really begin to add up.

Cute clothes? Age-appropriate toys? Traditional high chairs? Forget about all of them and check out the innovative Keekaroo Height Right Wooden High Chair and oooh and aaaah over the so-cool and wallet-friendly fact that this little baby will grow with your baby, from that first bite of baby food through about 15 years of age!

Seriously! This thing goes from 6 months to 250 pounds, has a five year warranty, and isFREE TO SHIP! (ummm....i'm thinking this is, like, a total no-brainer here?)

Cool features include the adjustable seat and foot rest, which ensure your baby is supported and isn't left to dangle their legs, which can distract them when eating. It's worked miracles for Buttercup since we changed her over from a traditional high chair, I can tell ya that.

Once your child is secure in the Height Right, just pull it on up to the kitchen table and watch them smile as they take part in family meals. For extra versatility, you can also purchase the Height Right with or without the accessories kit, which includes the tray, a wooden grab rail for toddlers, and the cushion seat and back. Either way, the regular retail of $139 (you can get a free tray with purchase with code T000707!) divided over 15 years works out pretty nicely.

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