Saturday, August 23

Floating away with the Twilight Turtle

I had a few requests from readers for a Twilight Turtle by Cloud b review, and am very happy to oblige. I happen to have received one for my baby shower, and have used it religously since taking it out of the box.

The Twlight Turtle is a plush constellation nightlight that can gently transform any room into a starry night sky. It's soothing to adults and to children, and I love using it for Buttercup. And yes, I will admit to it being a sad day in my house when Buttercup outgrew her bassinet (because that meant that she was taking the turtle with her to her own room. I seriously contemplated buying one for myself.)

All you do is push a button, and voila, you've got yourself an instant star-filled night sky in either blue, green, and amber. My favorite is the blue but I'm not crazy about the amber and rarely use. It's just too soft of a color to really reflect the constellations from the Twilight Turtle's plastic shell.

But that is really my only complaint. We've been using ours for 14 months and have only had to change the batteries one time, thanks to the battery saving time out function.

While the Twilight Turtle is a great night-time companion to help kids fall asleep easier, it can also serve double duty as an educational toy for older kids. Parents can sit with their children in a darkened room with the Twilight Turtle and the included constellation guide and learn how to identify eight constellations.

The Twilight Turtle by Cloud b retails for $34 and is available at Mom4Life. Fair warning: I was just on the site this morning and there are only seven in stock.

Mom4life is offering Berrie Sweet Picks readers a 10 percent discount on orders through the end of September with code "berriesweet"! But make sure to enter the code into the coupon box on the left side of the homepage for it to apply to your order.

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rmgales said...

Oh this adorable. I want one for my grandson.