Saturday, May 2

Sustain stores makes buying green easier

I'm not exactly a true shade of green, but my eforts to lessen my carbon footprint and be as eco-mindful as possible do make me feel pretty good.

A new site, Sustain Stores, is just one resourse eco-mommas like me can rely on to make it just that much easier. No more nasty surprises that can come with learning a "supposedly" sustainable product was nothing more than just sneaky marketing. Instead, the Sustain Stores staff has done the work for all of us by independently verifying each and every item in their inventory.

Buy green for your home, your baby, and yourself with Sustain Stores with the help of a sweet little 20% percent off coupon code off your TOTAL order! Use code "sustain" during checkout and then wait for your email confirmation after order processing for a great bargain on buying green. The discount code expires May 15.

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