Friday, January 30

Who wants to be my Berrie Sweet sponsor?

I wanna go.

And I wanna go baaaad.

I wanna be able to put this button here on my blog and announce to the world that I am going to be attending the sweetest bloggy party out there and mingling with the best of the best in Lady Blogdom.

But without the help of a fantabulous company willing to sponsor my berrie poor booty for plane, hotel, and convention fees, I'll just be here all alone sitting on the sidelines. (And if you are extra fantabulous, you would also graciously offer to book a plane seat for Buttercup, who has been an awesome bloggy toddler and donated her time on countless ocassions for mommy to use her as my review child. Hey, I'm just sayin'!)

I know that companies read my blog because of all the great product review requests I receive, and I know that those reading value my opinion and like what I have to say because they keep coming back and bringing their friends with them...

So really, you could consider me an investment.

And in return for your sponsorship, I'd become your best advertisement and talk up your product and company to anyone I meet at BlogHer!

Hi, my name is Pauline and I love (insert your company name here.) They not only make the best (insert product name here) I have ever tried, but they also sponsored by BlogHer trip! Can you believe it?
...or something along those lines!

I'll also have a kickin' button made up to display on all my BlogHer related posts pimping your company out as the bestest ever, and dedicate multiple posts to tell my readers about you and your company. And if you want me to wear your logo on anything other than a tattoo, Butterup and I will gladly oblige. Just email me at berriesweet (dot) info (at) gmail (dot) com and we can talk about what I can offer your company as your BlogHer spokesblogger!

Yes, I know, I have no shame. But it's part of the reason you all love me!

There...that's really all I can say for now. So I'm just gonna sit back and wait for my inbox to get flooded with offers from hundreds of companies wooing me to choose them as my sponsor. (Hey, a mom blogger can dream can't she?)


Baby Kid Blogs said...

Good luck...hope to see you there. Check out this article:

Pauline said...

Thanks for the tip! so cool that you got sponsorship-I am impressed with your site and appreciate the conversation!