Thursday, January 29

The Bad Side of Berries

See that spankin' new button on the top of the right sidebar? The sassy little badge letting the world know that I am now an official Bad Mommy Blogger?

Isn't it awesome?

You know those comedic scenes in cartoons and movies when a little angel and devil appear on the shoulders of someone trying to make a decision between right and wrong? If you can replace the angel and the devil with little bloggy figures, Berrie Sweet Picks is where I come to show of my good mommy side with tips and reviews on some very cool products.

Bad Mommy Blogger? Well...that's where I go when I want to be bad, have fun, and let my hair down (figuratively speaking, of course. It is so short right now that my husband gently told me I look like a man. That's love for you.)

The site, which is rather new in the blogosphere, is a place for moms to hang out and be real with each other. No judging, no competing for "Mom of the Year," and plenty of laughs with the occassional "F" going off.

So stop on by and get ready for the Bad Mommy Blogger official launch! And don't worry about the lipstick or eyeliner. There is really no need to impress over at BMB. It's all about keeping it real.

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