Sunday, January 4

Waking up is Hard to Do: Neil Sedaka CD review

When I was little, I only knew two kinds of music: the regional Mexican music my family constantly played every time we got together and, of course, the "oldies" music station my dad loved to play when driving us to and from our family gatherings.

I grew up with an equal mix of Ranchero, Mariachi, and Mexican pop balanced with plenty of Beach Boys, Tina Turner, Beatles, Elvis Presley, Diana Ross and The Supremes, and of course, Neil Sedaka.

So I was very excited to receive a copy of Neil Sedaka's first ever children's album, Waking Up is Hard to Do. (Razor & Tie Entertainment.)

Sedaka has a long and distinguished career behind him, now stretching into its sixth decade, and this incredible children's CD, set for a January 6 release, is a wistful tribute to the hit songs that made my mother fall in love with him.

Waking Up is Hard to Do, which includes a coloring book, is a collection of classic Sedaka songs that have been smartly reinvented as children's songs. His inspiration was, of course, his granddaughters. And even cuter is the back-vocals on songs like "Happy Birthday Number Three," "Waking Up is Hard to Do," and "Where the Toys Are," provided by five-year-old twin grandchildren Charlotte and Amanda.

I love this CD. It's cute, it's fun, it's upbeat, and I love that while Buttercup gets to discover a new musical favorite, I get to sing along in my head to the lyrics I grew up with. This one is most definitely going on my iPod for us both to enjoy!

Waking Up is Hard to Do will be available at Amazon for $8.99 (and you can listen to the tracks, too!)


Anonymous said...

i love this cd i bought it on ite the best

Trish said...

That sounds like so much fun! I bet my daughter would love it, since she loves music!

shopannies said...

I remember those old songs oh so well

Adam said...

I enjoyed your review enough to include a summary of it in my weekly HOT Ones list for the big releases of each week. Just in case you're interested, its HERE.

Best - Adam