Wednesday, January 14

My Little Seat: My Newest Travel Must-Have

Who knew that planning a vacation with a toddler would be so tough? I'm getting ready to see my hubby for the first time in over a month (he's currently working in another state) and Buttercup is coming along for the plane ride and long weekend. This, of course, means extra planning and extra creativity to stretch our packing experience to the maximum, what with all the restrictions placed on what we can bring with us. So I decided to contact various businesses in a search for what I call "Travel Must Haves" for parents.

One item I came across is My Little Seat, an ingenious travel high chair sling that allows parents to turn any chair into a high chair for your child. And it's so small and easy to pack! Check out my vlog review, which I also posted at NewBaby!

I love this thing and highly recommend it to anyone interested in an easily portable high chair that takes up next to no space at all in a diaper bag carry-on! It's also a great idea for saving space, and money, in your own home or just a simple trip to a friend's house who doesn't have kids. You can get your own My Little Seat here or at

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Kristie said...

I had seen this reviewed once before, but it was great to see your video of how it is actually set up. I love the idea of being able to just throw it in a diaper bag, so you can have it whenever you need it or it could be stored in a drawer at Grandma's house for when the grandkids come. If I didn't already have a portable booster seat, I would love to get this!