Wednesday, July 22

Will you still love me in the morning?

In the midst of my life doing the crazy dance right before my very eyes, I'm still thinking I need to change the direction of my blog just a teensy little bit and combine all three I (try) to manage into one.



It's hard enough keeping up with one, but three? I'm an idiot! And then when you figure in the fact that I'm not making any money of of any of the blogs (seriously! No dinero accepted here for reviews!) and that I either have too many products to review and can't keep up or not enough and then find myself trolling for products to keep content fresh...well you can start to see why I sometimes feel cheap and dirty.

Don't get me wrong! I'm still going to do product reviews. I love that I can help recommend something I have tried to a friend with a need and be in the position to give a totally honest opinion. I love sharing reviews and contests with all of you! But that being said...My current format takes me right back to feeling cheap and dirty. All Ido here is review. I save the personal stuff for Deadlines and Diapers and the stuff about dealing with a Celiac Kid over in that neat little compartment. Sure, it was my original intention to keep things apart, but as time has gone on I'm thinking that I need to sound a little less like a constantly running informercial---and the only way I can do that is to incorporate my personal stuff in here too!

Before I do anything though, I'm finishing up the reviews I have committed to do, and then I can get going on a new and improved version of my bloggy life. Tell me, will you still love me in the morning?

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