Saturday, March 14

Temporarily closed for business

Hi dear readers!
I haven't abandoned you.

How ya doin', generous sponsors?
I haven't taken the free stuff you sent me to look at and run. Well, I have, but not in the way you think.

Ya see, I'm currently sitting at a cramped kitchen table with all of my earthly posessions that are NOT going with the moving truck on my trek to Arizona. I naively assumed I'd be able to handle coordinating a 2,000 mile move, breathe, sleep, shower, and blog. But reality knocked me upside the head and I'm lucky I got two out of five handled in the past week.

I am leaving Michigan on Monday morning and planning on being at the new home by Wednesday or Thursday, and as soon as I unpack my "Items to Review" box, I will diligently get one new review and contest (if applicable) up per day until I am caught up.

So stay tuned because I have some sweet items to tell you about like some new stuff from Boon, an eco-friendly shower gel, an immunity booster for moms and kids, some cute new styles from See Kai Run, and more!


Meredith said...

Good luck with the move across country! And welcome to Arizona!

Jenny said...

good luck with your move. is it for work?

Pauline said...

Meredith, what part are you in?
and jenny-my hubby got a job so i get to follow. ;)