Friday, February 13

Bare with me, please!

Hello all!
I know I haven't been posting as often as usual and it isn't for lack of great products to review.
If you aren't following me on Twitter already and have the background, I'm in the middle of planning a cross country move. With choosing a new home in Arizona, choosing a mover, sorting through my belongings, making all of the rest of the necessary arrangements AND taking care of a sick Buttercup, I'm just a tad bit behind.
I'm going to try and catch up on my winners for contests tonight and hopefully have time to write up a review or two.
Thanks to everyone, my readers and incredible sponsors, for being patient with me!


Baba said...

No worries hun, we'll be here when you are ready! Good Luck with the move.

Pauline said...

thanks-it is absolute craziness over here. mainly because i get flustered easily and well-i'm slowly losing my mind with the move...