Sunday, November 8

The Jimmies rocked my House

I get requests to review kiddie music All. The. Time. But because the blog is called Berrie Sweet Picks and not Berrie Sucky Picks, I call my therapist after having endured the mind-numbing stuff I wouldn't force on my own child, let alone yours, and then wait patiently for something that doesn't suck to show up in my mail box.

And instead of having to try to figure out a nice way to tell a PR person and/or musician that I, um, didn't think their music was a "good fit" for my audience, I am instead trying to figure out how many times I can call The Jimmies "like, you know, totally cool" without sounding like a valley girl because they are just that good.

Here's the deal: We got to check out The Jimmies' brand-spankin' new DVD Trying Funny Stuff and their kickin' CD Make Your Own Someday. First off, the titles are catchy and fun. Second, I squealed a little too loudly when Buttercup asked for her new "Muskik Cho" to play again. Third, The Husband thinks they are "cool." And fourth, I get a lot of stuff for free and would more than gladly pay my own bucks to stock up Buttercup's musical collection with all things "Jimmies."

The group, fronted by mastermind and uber-cool Ashley Albert, is getting rave reviews from blogging parents who are as picky as I am and wining awards left and right. The collection features real songs that parents and kids will find themselves singing together, a 45-minute DVD that I may have liked more than Buttercup (and she liked it a LOT), a bonus live CD, and a "Film 101" behind-the-scenes documentary on how the videos were made.

And of course, there are always the lessons. It's kiddie stuff, so it's a given that they'd be part of the package. But it takes a genius to incorporate them in such a fun way that they kids don't realize they are actually learning. With the musical cherry on top of the proverbial sundae, The Jimmies are in the process of being immortalized in my Zune playlist and Buttercup's iTunes "Play Time" list. I can't do much about the DVD, since Buttercup thought it was so much fun she actually ran off with it and shoved it into her toy box so her toys and "Jimmies" could get to know each other.

And that my friends, is the highest compliment any two-year-old can bestow.

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