Monday, July 28

This Little Band rocks!

First things first: the CD I am about to review is NOT new. In fact, I got the PR packet in January, so I'm more than a little bit behind on this one. But then again, I have since received plenty of PR packs with kid music CD's, and not all of them are making it on the berrie sweet list.

And yes, this is the list to get one, musical peeps. Give me enough time and I'll be, like, the Oprah of the mommy blog world. (And then I'll wake up, but that's another post.)

Anyhoo, back to the review. Back in March, Brady Rymer released his newest album, "Here Comes Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could
" It's a long title, but worth the time it takes to ask the kids if they want to listen to it.

Rymer was a founding member of the RCA roots-rock group, From Good Homes, and toured annd recorded with the likes of Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews, and Bob Weir, which in my eyes, gives Rymer plenty of points in adult-music land, and makes him all the more fun to listen to with the tots.

Since having kids and going off the road to be with his family to touring again with The Little Band that Could, Rymer has won 11 national awards for four of his family/kid CD's. And for good reason!

Like other CD's I will be reviewing here, Rymer and his band are able to hit on the heart of kid music without entering "Barney-ville," which I happen to not be crazy about. But Rymer does it in his own take on modern American roots, like early rock 'n' roll, 60's country rock, blues, and more.

The songs are fun and upbeat, and the CD's been in my mini-van's CD player for a week straight now.

Unfortunately, I can't offer a contest on this one. But Rymer's CD is worth the purchase.

Get it for $15.98 at Brady Rymer's site, CD Baby, Amazon, and retailers nationwide.

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