Friday, November 11

No Chimney? No Problem!

The Halloween decorations have just been put away and the turkeys are currently hoping we all become vegetarians before Thanksgiving. But that's neither here nor there because Christmas is pretty much gonna happen tomorrow.

And while I'm going crazy for the same reason all of you are going crazy, Buttercup is focusing on more critical how Santa Clause is going to drop off her presents if we don't have a chimney.

An entirely valid question, I would have to agree.

Rather than answer awkward questions and have to hire a therapist tomorrow, I decided to log into etsy and search a few key words. There's a lot if you decide to look...but I'll save you some trouble and tell you about the sweet little deal I found on One Strange Girl's shop. Prices vary greatly, but for a little $5 price tag, you get this cute little skeleton key and a wonderful little poem that explains the magic of they key to the little ones.

The shop owner was kind enough to send me an extra key with my paid order for one of my readers. I'm figuring there are probably three of you, so odds are pretty good, yes?

Good. So leave me a comment and make sure to include a way to contact you (email or twitter handle). Comments will be accepted through midnight, EST, on Nov. 15. Good luck!


H.C. Palmquist said...

I LOVE THIS KEY!!! Such a cool idea and what a steal for only $5.

Ashley S. said...

That's so cute! We have yet to live in a place with a fireplace!