Sunday, September 18

I'm back!

Listen up, y''s been a while, hasn't it?
I've been busy over at my new(er than this) blog and am now revising the book I'm trying to get published. So naturally I thought it a great time to relaunch Berrie Sweet Picks.
Have I mentioned I am crazy?
I am working on getting my ducks in a row and hopefully migrating over to wordpress while lining up a few reviews/giveaways, but for now here's the plan:
*Post once or twice a week in order to maintain some semblance of sanity and allow for real and honest reviews to be written and not come out sounding like commercials.
*The fine print? I will only be posting reviews for items I endorse and have a) personally used or b) have direct knowledge of someone I know using. Example: Company A sends me a boy related item I hand off to a friend with boys and I review based on her experiences.
*If you are a company interested in a review this is how I roll: you send me the item in question and I respond by email to let you know if you made the cut for a review. Contests and giveaway prizes are to be held by you to ship directly to the winner(s) once they are randomly selected in order to reduce the need to ship items twice.
*Did I mention the Fun part? I've been loving the time to refocus and get serious about my writing, but I did miss this! Hope to see you soon!

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