Thursday, June 11

Berries and her family emergency

I can't get into many details, but I have gone AWOL on blogging here (and my other blogs) due to a major family emergency that has had me running around like crazy for the past two weeks and now packing for an unplanned trip to Detroit on Friday.

Buttercup's second birthday is the day I have to leave (she's staying here with her Abuela) and I feel horrible for having to run out on her special day, reschedule her birthday party, and plopping her in front of the TV (even if it was Noggin) to keep her occupied while I went nuts trying to handle the load of crazy I currently have on my plate.

I know I have contests to finish up and sponsors to contact in order to get prizes out, and I promise to do so as soon as humanly possible. As for reviews and contests that still need to be posted, I can only ask for patience and forgiveness from my sponsors for not having had a chance to get the posts online and properly publicize them.

I have every intention of seeing my product review responsibilities through, and am only asking for understanding from my readers. If I can take the laptop with me on the trip and sit down for five minutes, I promise to get the ball rolling again. Hopefully things will calm down enough by the time I land back in Tucson on June 17 so I can get back on track.

And thank you to everyone reading this in advance.


Seeryus Mama said...

You just take care of you! We'll still be here when you get back!

Pauline said...

thanks. I appreciate it!